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Induction and Onboarding

Induction is normally the first step in introducing your employee to your organization. You may like to include information about the role, your brand and values, your culture, physical orientation (facilities), your company’s story or history, expectations and how their role interconnects with others within your business.

Another term ‘onboarding’ is also used to describe an employee’s total experience from the first point of contact with your organization right up to the first or second year of employment. Current thinking states that an onboarding program should be no less than one year. Onboarding includes feedback and performance measurement, mentoring, development plans and ongoing performance management.

Your onboarding program will have a direct impact on your employer brand so ensure that your induction process reflects your values and culture.

A good induction program is important element in assimilation and retention, whether you are in a large or small organization. It is also a good idea to tailor your induction program to the employee as your graduates will have different needs to your directors.

Your induction program allows staff to ask questions in a safe environment, ensures a consistent message, supports socialisation and can save time when inducting several new recruits at a time. Without an induction program your staff may be left wondering what exactly the company stands for, how their role connects with others and it may also prevent them from truly integrating into your business / team, resulting in early resignation or dismissal.

The responsibility of induction is shared across your organization. HR plays an integral role along with line managers, trainers and it is also a good idea for your GM or CEO to pop in and say a few words.

The final phase of your induction process is to seek feedback. You may like to monitor your turnover rates and ensure that you gain feedback on exit interviews, especially if your employee is leaving within the first 12 months of employment.

A good induction program can ensure that a lasting impression is left, positively impacting your employer brand, minimizing turnover and ensuring your staff become happy, productive team members in the shortest possible time frame.


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