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Employer Branding

Your employer brand is your reputation as an employer. Minchington (2005) defines employer brand as “the image of your organisation as a ‘great place to work'”. The process of employer branding is concerned with talent attraction, engagement and retention strategies deployed to enhance your company’s employer brand. Employment branding deals with recruitment, employee engagement and employee retention. All companies have an employment brand so it’s critical to manage that brand very closely if you hope to attract and retain the best talent.


Employer branding is the latest buzz word in recruitment in 2014. Companies who develop and manage their employee brand closely will be able to gain a competitive advantage. Moving from a short-term recruitment focus to a long-term employer branding focus is a big task but where do you start?


Here a few key points to get you started:

·         Start with a business plan;

·         Set a budget for your strategy;

·         Consider your resources;

·         Determine whether you can execute your strategy in-house or whether you may require external assistance.

The most important element of your employment branding strategy is understanding the long term business needs of your organization. Once you have this understanding you can then design your employment branding campaign to meet these needs, both within the short and long term.


As a human resources practitioner you will benefit from understanding your staff and their needs through employee attitude surveys and focus groups. You may like to consider segmenting your workforce as not all staff have the same needs. You may reward your sales and technical staff differently to your directors for example.  You may also like to segment staff based on age (generations). Understanding what people want is one of the keys to designing an effective people management HR strategy.

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