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Resume Writing Tips

CV and Resume Writing Tips

  • Always choose a basic font and avoid over formatting, I recommend a basic font of calibri, 9 – 12 point fonts size and black font on white paper;
  • Use a simple word format;
  • Include education Institution, qualification, date qualification was obtained;
  • State how long you were with each employer, month and year;
  • Don’t list personal details such as divorced or married with children. If the employer requires further personal information, they will ask;
  • The top of your resume should include your name and contact information, languages and availability;
  • Always put your most recent experience first i.e. use chronological order;
  • Tailor your resume to the position you are applying for. Try to match the needs described on the job description and relate them to your own experience;
  • Add a hyperlink to your current company esp. if it is a company the hirer may not have heard of;
  • List your responsibilities (minimum of six per role);
  • Focus on your accomplishments (minimum of two per role);
  • For more than seven years’ experience your resume should be two pages. For less than seven years, your resume should be one page;
  • Before writing your resume, take a look at some examples;
  • Include a summary or an objective statement;
  • Use bullet points;
  • Spell check  and have someone else look over your resume for mistakes including grammatical errors;
  • List your achievements and awards;
  • Always be honest;
  • Explain any long absences from work, for example put 2011 – 2012 Trekking in Nepal or Full time Mum;
  • If you are older, just the last 15 years of work experience is enough;

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