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The 5 Love Languages of a Leader

The 5 Love Languages of a Leader



Love is not a common word that is associated with leadership, more so in corporate leadership. But wait a minute, according to Oxford Dictionary, love is defined as merely a strong feeling of affection.

Hence, when we talk about leading with love, we are not referring to some sort of romantic feelings but a strong positive feeling of affection we can have towards those whom we lead.

Harvard professor and organisational behaviour expert Teresa Amabile’s research shows that the best leaders foster an emotionally nourishing relationship with their employees. That means loving leaders are relationship-focused and are always mindful in cultivating healthy emotional ties with others.

Leaders can indeed show love. If you are still uncomfortable with using the word love and leadership in the same sentence, perhaps you can use the term “genuine care”. Either way, I think you get the point.

Here are five possible expressions or languages of love that leaders can show to others:

Love language #1: I believe in you

The need to be affirmed by others is a basic human need. One of the most vital ways leaders can affirm others is simply by believing in their potential.

Leaders who do not believe in their people often end up sidelining them instead of coaching and providing them with the opportunity to develop and advance.

While world-famous director Steven Spielberg was still a student, he was offered an unpaid internship at Universal Studios.



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