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The Challenges of Modern Day Leadership

The Challenges of Modern Day Leadership




How exactly are businesses to move forward in the modern age of technological advances, globalisation, and evolving needs of employees?

As someone who spent a decade as a political journalist, it didn’t take 10 days to realise that politicians, business and human resources (HR) leaders are easy targets for criticism. When there’s a problem, we all become experts on how to fix things – safe in the knowledge that we’re not the ones having to make tough decisions, but resolutely sure that we would do a much better job nevertheless.

Even with the abundance of information available at our finger tips, transforming the theory into practice can be a laborious, difficult and often complex process.

For example, chief executive officers (CEOs) and senior managers know that, in order to motivate and stimulate their workforce, they should cultivate a strong culture that meets the needs of those under their direction – but what does that look like in practice?

How do we physically set about creating the kind of salubrious, productive working environment that would make Tim Cook weep with envy?

Transformation and service

Everything stems from leadership. Most of us know the phrase, “People don’t leave bad companies – they leave bad bosses.”



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