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Frightening Consequences, a Result of Loss of Control

Frightening Consequences, a Result of Loss of Control



4530189816_a045970858_zLosing control of a situation is a terrible thing, and one that can make or break a leader.

In the movie Poltergeist, the Bowen family faces a surreal reality that quickly goes out of control – a loved one has vanished into thin air and the only means of communication is through the television set.

The family has just relocated. Although their only son Griffin keeps insisting that there is something sinister about the house, no-one heeds his warning.

The plot takes off when Maddy, the youngest daughter, disappears into the world between the living and the dead. Once more, this is a tried-and-true formula of the Poltergeist franchise, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

But from here on, dear reader, I would like to draw your attention to Griffin. Much can be learnt from this seemingly nervous boy who pulls off a brilliant rescue, doing what leaders do – being aware, having a vision, and implementing a plan.


How sensitive are you to changes in your environment?

If nothing escapes your observant eye, then congratulations, you can identify with Griffin. If subtle changes go unnoticed by you, then congratulations, you have much to learn from Griffin.

Despite the chaos of moving into a new house, he pays close attention to every little thing happening around him. He is the first to notice his sister’s odd behaviour – talking to the closet in her room as well as the television.


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