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4 Concrete Signs that it’s Time to Make an Exit

4 Concrete Signs that it’s Time to Make an Exit





Does this sound familiar: you’re hyperactive and mighty on your first year, and then you plummet like a roller coaster by the time you hit your fifth year.

You were undoubtedly one of the high-flyers of the company, but these days you’re not giving your best. You’ve lost the spark, the passion, and the flame – you finally want to quit.

You want to quit, but you’re not sure why. Maybe you hate your new boss, you’re fed up with the incompetence of people in your organisation, you got an invitation from a recruiter on LinkedIn, or you simply don’t feel excited about your job anymore.

The strong feeling of wanting to quit should always be examined, not ignored.

Here are four motivated signs that can guide you to justify that it’s time to start cleaning your desk.

  1. You’re stressed and exhausted – and it’s on a different level

You feel tired every day, and you dread waking up in the morning because you know what’s ahead of you, and it’s usually not good.

All the work stress is not worth it if you’re going to end up in the hospital. You may be one of those who are happily tired – folks who love their job and are addicted to the everyday adrenaline rush, no matter how many items they cross out from their list.



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