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A Walk-Through Competency-Based Interview

A Walk-Through Competency-Based Interview




The first element of recruiting strategy is to determine “why” you are hiring people. You must determine your organisation’s direction and what recruiting can contribute to each of the directions.

This will give you an idea of the manpower requirement of your organisation and also the kind of people you need to recruit.

Vision, mission, short- and long-term goals, strategies and values of an organisation should be translated into actions for actualisation through organisational structure. The organisational structure will include roles, positions and jobs.

In order to actualise the direction for an organisation, the right person should be hired for the right job.

Therefore, competency-based interviews reduce the risk of making a costly hiring mistake and increase the likelihood of identifying and selecting the right person for the job.

Competency in a nutshell

Competencies are seen mainly as inputs, which consist of clusters of knowledge, attitudes and skills that affect an individual’s ability to perform.

In practice, many organisations include a mixture of tasks, job outputs and behaviours as descriptions of competency.


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