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Are You Employed But Still Struggling To Make Ends Meet?

Are You Employed But Still Struggling To Make Ends Meet?



P10_Hand-to-mouth_book-cover-740x470Linda Tirado’s Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America is part memoir, part exposé and part angry letter to the public. Tirado emphasises the difficulties of working minimum-wage jobs with strenuous work hours whilst juggling marriage, accommodation, children and studies.

Hand to Mouth isn’t Tirado’s story alone. It isn’t even just the story of those living in poverty. It’s the story of every person in the world struggling with a job they might not enjoy, a job that doesn’t pay enough, or a job that only adds to the weight of their responsibilities. It could even be your story.

Through Tirado’s account, we realise that there are a lot of issues within the working world that exists not just in “bootstrapped America” but wherever we are, too.

Safety first

Abraham Maslow, a psychologist, derived a theory whereby our human needs are categorised into five sections: physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and finally, self-actualisation (reaching your full potential).


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