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4 Life Lessons a Feisty Iguana Taught Me

4 Life Lessons a Feisty Iguana Taught Me



In the short time that I had Iggy, this feisty little creature taught me four key lessons that are applicable for personal development.

  1. Be agile to face inevitable challenges

When Iggy sleeps in his enclosure, his positions range from laidback style on the ground to precarious acrobatic style on a tree branch. Iguanas are, after all, well known for their limbic agility, especially in swimming and leaping.

One time, Iggy did a “parkour” stunt on me by jumping down from my shoulders onto the floor.

Concerned if he had suffered any injury when he didn’t move for a few good seconds, he assured me he was fine when he later dashed for the nearest exit.

Lessons learnt:

The 21st century workplace environment is a volatile and challenging one. As an employee and a business entity, we are called to be quick to adapt to changes.

If we don’t upskill ourselves or embrace innovative business models, we will eventually be left behind. Worse still, we might be driven out of business and become irrelevant to our customers.


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